Is Transformation Protein dairy-free?

Is Transformation Protein whey free?



Is Transformation Protein gluten-free?

Is Transformation Protein soy free?


Is Transformation Protein non-GMO?



Is Transformation Protein sugar free?
YES, our protein super blend has zero added sugar.  It is sweetened with all natural and plant-based stevia and monk fruit.


How many servings are in bag of Transformation Protein?
There are 18 full servings (2 scoops for 12-16oz shake) or 36 half servings (1 scoop for 8-12oz shake) per bag of Transformation Total Body Protein.  One bag will last approximately one month, depending on how often you drink a shake.


Is Transformation Protein vegan? 
NO, our Total Body Protein blend includes egg white and bovine collagen.

Is Transformation Protein organic?

While many of the ingredients we use are organic, our products are not certified as organic.  We do our best to ensure that the ingredients we use are of the highest quality.

What kind of egg whites are used?

Our Total Body protein egg whites come from grass fed and pasture raised hens.

Where does your Collagen come from?

Our Collagen is derived from non-GMO, pasture-raised and grass fed bovine (cow).

Are there any artificial sweeteners?

Transformation does not use any artificial ingredients or sweeteners.  Our protein is sweetened with all natural and plant-based Stevia and Monk fruit.

Are there any ingredients I should be worried about?

Our Total Body Protein has no caffeine, stimulants, artificial ingredients, or harmful fillers.  


How much Collagen is in each serving of your protein?

Each full serving of Total Body Protein contains 6g of Collagen.  If you are looking to take more Collagen on a daily basis, we also sell Collagen Peptides on its own.


Is your protein Keto friendly?

Yes, our Total Body protein is a high protein and low carb formula which makes it a great option for those following a Keto diet.


What is the amino acid profile of your protein?

Our Total Body Protein super blend contains all nine of the essential amino acids, three of which are branched-chain amino acids that are present in our protein at significant values and are required to help you build muscle and recover faster.  We are able to share the following amino acid profile breakdown, which is an estimate per full serving (the factual amount is solely proprietary). 


Are your products third party tested?

All of Transformation products are Third Party Tested for purity, safety, and quality by multiple sources and are Independant Lab Certified.

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