What is Carb IQ used for?

Transformation’s Carb IQ is designed to support the proper metabolism of carbohydrates and help partition carbs to muscle – instead of fat – where they can be used for energy.

Carb IQ + Dihydroberberine

  • Optimizes carbohydrate tolerance.
  • Promotes healthy insulin sensitivity.
  • Supports healthy blood glucose levels.
  • Helps convert fat storage into energy.
  • Inhibits adipocyte (fat cell) growth.
  • Assists with the anti-aging process.


How does Carb IQ work?

When you eat carbs your body releases insulin, which is one of the most important hormones when it comes to building muscle but can have a negative effect on fat loss.

Transformation created CARB IQ to help your body respond to carbohydrates. This means you can enjoy carbs guilt free even on a diet, as CARB IQ forces the carbs you eat to be stored in the muscle as glycogen and used as energy/fuel by the body instead of being stored as fat.

CARB IQ is a unique combination of the patented version of Dihydroberberine called GlucoVantage® along with chromium picolinate and cinnamon bark extract. Studies have shown that chromium and cinnamon have synergistic effects when paired together. This, along with Dihydroberberine, combines to make a powerhouse combination to help support carbohydrate tolerance.


What is Dihydroberberine?

Dihydroberberine is a derivative of berberine.  Berberine is an ingredient used in Eastern tradition for decades and known for its ability to inhibit fat cell growth and insulin sensitivity.  Carb IQ's GlucoVantage Dihydroberberine is a derivative of berberine that has 5X more bioavailability than its traditional predecessors.


What are the supplement Facts for Carb IQ?null


Are your products third party tested?

All of Transformation products are Third Party Tested for purity, safety, and quality by multiple sources and are Independant Lab Certified.

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