Is Super Greens vegan?



Is Super Greens dairy-free?



Is Super Greens gluten-free?



Is Super Greens non-GMO?



Is Super Greens soy free?



Does Super Greens contain caffeine?

Super Greens contains .01mg of caffeine per full serving, which is close to nothing.  In comparison, a cup of coffee contains 100mg.  


Does Super Greens contain artificial sweeteners?

NO. Super Greens is naturally sweetened with a plant-based alternative that is derived from fruits and vegetables.


What does Super Greens taste like?

Super Greens has been compared to tasting like a berry Kool Aid, but better.  Our customers commonly share that it's the best greens product they have ever tasted, we hope you agree!


Why take Super Greens?

Super Greens + Mixed Berries gives you nutrients from nature’s best sources of superfoods that support balance while detoxifying and alkalizing (meaning acid-reducing). Alkalizing your body, with minerals like potassium in fruits and vegetables that are naturally abundant in the Super Greens powder, also supports and preserve’s your muscle mass by keeping your body’s alkaline-acid levels in check. Protein is an acid-forming food, and to sustain muscle you need an adequate amount of protein daily. So, if your body is too acidic, it’s not only hard to maintain lean muscle, but also more difficult to achieve your goals.

Taking Super Greens daily can help, plus it tastes great and provides the vitamin equivalent of a full day’s serving of fruits and vegetables!


Are your products third party tested?

All of Transformation products are Third Party Tested for purity, safety, and quality by multiple sources and are Independant Lab Certified.

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